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The origin of Thai massage date back more than 2500 years ago, in the age of  Dr. Shivaga Komarabhac, a known physician in the tradition of ayurvedic medicine who has developed this art, which is a component of traditional Thai medicine.

His biography is transmitted through the Thai, Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese version. ​The legend about him described as an enlightened being who was born with hundred acupuncture needles and have taken the origin of any pathology.

Dr. Shivaga's treatments, as it is also called, were known and sought after, causing to treat the Kings and Royal families of his time and anyone in between, as well as another famous person, the BUDDHA.

Today, Thailand is a testimony that worship and pay great respect to Dr. Shivaga who considered the Father of Thai medicine and Thai massage. Students at Thai massage school nowaday always begin the day with a prayer to Dr. Shivaga followed by a period of meditation before starting the practice.

​Sangha, the Buddhist community, had also used Dr. Shivaga’s treatment to heal various ailments and allowed its activities to continue to serve Thai society.
Over the centuries, with the spreading of Buddhism, this wisdom and knowledge is well accepted and transmitted among the monks from generation to generations within the temple, which not only serve as spiritual centers but also in some cases,​ care center for its people.

Today, the best known Thai massage research and practice is at WAT PO (Wat Phra Chetawan) located in Bangkok, where ones can find on the temple’s walls of 60 massage postures and energy path or meridian lines. Those carving who were saved later engraved on the stone as requested by King Rama III (1832 BC) in which well preserved nowadays at WAT PO (Wat Phra Chetawan) in Bangkok. 

Thailand is a fascinating country in many ways. Many western countries choose the Land of Smile as their travel destination for its beautiful landscapes, refined cuisine, the culture and its intensive training Muay Thai (Thai boxing).  

Thai massage is another attractive art that draw students and therapists from all over the world. Among all Asian bodywork, Thai massage is quite different. It's similar to yoga stretching combined with acupressure technique, Shiatsu, Tuina, not to mention Amma technique while featuring powerful specific yoga stretches.

Love it or not this approach can only remain surprised and appreciative,  seeing how a little women can turn a tourists twice as big or heavy than they are in all  directions. This is because,  in fact Thai massage practice does not require the use of force, except in rare cases.  The technique practicing base on the Law of Nature, gravity, momentum, and body weight transfer.
Who is not tempted to one day get into  a " Thai parlor " to try this massage which is a powerful approach, swinging from side to side but yet very relaxing !

Thai Massage is an ancient approach that is so different than other cultures. Its intelligently and wisdom allow practitioner to perform without getting tired to give or receive.  It is called a dry massage that is to say without lubricant or oil nor cream, practicing over the client's clothes on, on the floor or table.

The practitioner uses a full range of techniques that combine pressure with thumbs, palms, elbows, arms, knees or feet to address the area which will promote blood flow, clearing blockage along bodies energy path. Thai massage is done through different sequences that will bring in an order chosen by the client sitting, lying on the back, on the side, and on stomach.

Thai Massage offers an extreme comprehensive practice which combining several techniques, all in one single approach, to tone muscles, joint, ligament, tendon which can identify various benefits such as: Stress discharge, release muscle tension and stiffness, energy boosting, raising awareness of physical body and its limitations, promoting blood flow and  circulation.

Client who is well internalized during the session, will emerge with a feeling of lightness and loosen in the body along with energized senses.


THAI  MASSAGE has been listed on
UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2019

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Dr. Shivaga Komarabhac

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