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Thai Head and Face massage is a Dry massage.

No Oil nor Cream treatment.

This approach practice to improve blood flow and
circulation on Skull area which helping to maintain wellness 
and greater perceptions of our sensory organs on our face, such as

Eyes - Seeing

Ears - Hearing

Nose - Smelling
Mouth - Tasting

Skin - Touching

Thought process - the Brain.

These Skull area and its muscles is another important part of the body 
that need to be concerned but yet most forgetting area that potentially have affect on our perceptions, life experiences and interpersonal relationship through out our life long living journey.

Facial and Head massage is not something for only cosmetic and beauty treatment but a treatment for wellness and clearer thought process of our mind and intuition; the inner guidance which located between eye browns.

As some said " Mind over Matters "

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