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Many people might know Thai massage is similar to yoga practice which is true but billions of people on this planet may not know that Thai massage have its layers from general practice for over all wellness to advanced medical practice for chronic pains and stiffness which all base on ten main bodily energy paths where the practitioner should understand its core healing essence, and physiological effects, along each main energy path, knowing where it starts, run through the body and stop. How basic five elements work to sustain our biological system.

Thai massage is not just about stretching, throwing oneself with certain move(s) and direction(s) hoping that only stretching technique will heal all wound(s) and ailments, we have had.
Any remedy method whether ancient practice or modern science in health industry, evolve life circumstances, daily routine, work conditions, postures, habits, behavior pattern, activities, individual's bodily bio-chemical process and respond to the practice(s) which very vary, may be effective to some but do not work well or preferable to many people.

Same go with medical science or any other healing practices that  doctor(s), specialist(s), healer(s) of any kind put us through all kind of trial(s) and error(s) on medication(s), pill(s), surgery(s), remedy and manual works, hoping what they know and have trained or expertise might help others in the end of bodily chemical process.
Thai massage is not different on this matter. It depends on how each individual response during the practice until homeostasis process is done which require 24-48 hours.

Some people might prefer manual work such as massage for their health approach. While others prefer modern science and medicine to deal with their symptoms and pains which ofcourse a personal choice. One method might work for few people while other methods work well for many.
It is not the therapist to say which method is better or not so. It's the client free will to spend their hard earn for their health care on what they belief could help them. People always spend for thing worth spending. I can not convince nor control anyone to spend for what they are not comfortable to or believe in.
We, humans are all a different canvas we created by our own doing(s) and acting(s) or we are what we eat and do, as some people said. What seem to work great for oneself, might not work for another. It's just that simple. A logic we have encounter with, in all the area of human experiences, not just in healing aspect.
Thai massage has its depth and spectrum, being an alternative and holistic health approach for over 2,500 years beyond the Buddha period which practice base on ten main energy paths that evolving on all areas of human existence which are physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual body, where now a day modern science has imitated its approach and discovered based on scientific prove and study. That we nowadays are all know, being healthy is not just about being fit physically but being healthy including mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of being as a whole.

Those 10 main bodily energy paths or meridians are

1st & 2nd energy path deal with
Central Nervous System (CNS) - brain and spinal cords, nose, mouth

3rd energy path deal with
Cardiovascular system - internal organs such as heart and lungs, mental and psychological body

4th energy path deal with
Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) - shoulders, hands, arms, hip & lower back, legs and feet movement

5th & 6th energy path deal with
Sensory organ - eyes, both left and right

7th & 8th energy path deal with
Sensory organ - ears both left and right

9th energy path deal with
Digestive system and excretory system - overall bodily energy and elimination of wastes produced by homeostasis.

10th energy path deal with
Urinary and Reproductive system
I do believe Thai massage technique that I have learned and studied in Canada is surely provided me some sense of modern science related to the practice. But I feel that the knowledge and know how that I have gained here in Canada is quite limit or perhaps that could be, because I have language barrier during my studied that get me not able to pick up all the knowledge and practice in the class during the time frame provided.
I knew there are more in-depth about Thai massage and its essence that I need to learn from individual(s) who have years of experience, practicing Thai massage techniques through out their life, helping millions of people where modern science is not yet established and discovered or perhaps can not reach individual's needs on all level.
I belief I still have not yet discovered the deepest dimension of Thai yoga massage and it true essence. I might know something but I needed to know more. Perhaps what I think I know about Thai massage is just a surface layers, that I need to continue to discover and go beyond if I really want to be a true therapist, helping others from trauma(s).

I will surely continue my learning, focusing on this one particular massage technique from great therapist(s) who have 30-40 years of life long journey, practicing this ancient approach. I wanted to bring its true wisdom and essence to help people in Canada where I live, being a Canadian, who have passion to serve humanity and the society I live in.

All that being said, my approach is a combination of many trainings and practices I have gained the secret and technique from a lot of great people both in Canada and Thailand, base on the knowledge and know how from advanced medical Thai massage technique, Thai warrior massage, traditional Thai massage, Thai aroma oil & relaxation massage, Thai foot massage & reflexology, head & facial massage, abdominal & stomach massage, cupping, weight loss and cellulite treatment and more.

In brief, Thai massage is fundamentally a study involving all aspects of human existence, practicing focus on ten main bodily energy paths and five elements of the existence, using pressure points, stretching and stroking techniques that could deal with more than 50 ailments.
However the practitioner should perform general Thai massage to promote blood circulation and its flow before addressing to specific area to treat physical pain and stiffness which require certain knowledge of bio-chemical, anatomical and physiology, including a  know how to manipulate the brain, to start its neurotransmission, to function healing process, to put back homeostasis state or well-balance of its flow, structure, connected tissues, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves.

When you come to see me, I get to treat your pain(s) and past wound(s) that happened to you the days or weeks or months or even years BEFORE, due to your living circumstances, work conditions, accidents, activities, habits, bodily structure, bio-chemical messes within the body and so on.
So surely you will get to feel some pain during my practice because your pain(s) was already there before you know me or see me. If not, you won't spend for a therapist.

When I treat people, I do my best, wanting to help people that I will try to get as deep as I can, at the maximum endurance you can take my strength and time period you offer.
I do not work just on the surface layer to deal with the issue. I go the distance and beyond. So do not expect that my practice will be an easy, soft, finger tip kind of a massage. It is not.
Unless you prefer aroma oil and relaxation Thai massage for distress which more soothing and gentle. But then again do not expect to get better from pain and stiffness issue with this kind of treatment, unless you wanted me to combine massage technique to suit your needs in one session.

Please do not think I am a magician. My practice are not a miracle performance where I can help people in one single session, thou that is my wish and goal I am expecting.
Usually it requires few visits but you will feel 50-60% better right after the first visit.

Normally the painful feeling during the session will gradually decreased after 10 -15 minutes work on the area. You will feel lighter and looser, where you could noticed the different right after the session is done.

it is not recommend to belief that my approach(s) will last forever that your pain and stiffness will not re-occur again in the future. What I do, is trying to clear blockage along your energy paths which accumulated over times before you come to me, due to your past routine, working conditions, activities and live circumstances.
If you still work in the same working conditions, living in the same negative and toxic atmosphere and environments, doing the same activities and physical move each day after prior session you get treat, then surely the same symptom will re-visit until you change your habits, activities, living circumstances and behavior patterns.

Our physical body does have its limit to take on a non-stop unconscious "decision making - acting - and repeating behavior patterns. Or I might say, we are our own enemy, abusing our health with works, activities, actions and reactions at times. But we some how expecting miracle treat from others at our grant which is not how the energy work.

Please do not forget that our physical body has its limit to take on, hold on some human craps, as much as our mind, mental, emotional and spiritual body does.

I said all these with all my love, to all the human beings on this planet who come across my journey. Just so you know how our human dynamic work,  to serve its life force and living purpose.

Thank you

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