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For centuries, ancient cultures have recognized the belly as a potent source of inner strength and wisdom where nutrition, bodily transmission, perceptions, sensations and emotions are assimilated, stored and processed.
When our abdominal is congested, the whole bodily energy path is blocked, slowly weakening the internal organs and its function, decreasing our vitality and life force.
Belly Massage is designed to release both physical and emotional blockages in abdominal region. This massage works directly over the navel and its surrounding region with specific pressure points and reflex zones.
Gentle, soft and deep massage techniques are used to unblock the blockages to increase energy flow, as to maintain homeostasis of its system.
The practice also helps with detoxification, toning abdominal muscles and internal organs, releasing unprocessed emotional energy, relieve indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating and build up gas, menstrual cramps, pent up emotions and stress. The treatment is often used as an integral component of many detoxification programs.
Benefits of the Belly Massage
Tone, detoxifies and energizes main life force energy area and bodily supply.
Improves digestive system
Increases well-being and release pent up emotions
Promotes lymphatic drainage and enhance toxins and waste removal
Alleviates pain associated with menstrual cramps and menopause
Releases energy path blockages

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