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Why should we spend on chemicals and pills to heal physical pain, sickness and tiredness while we can get good, affordable massage instead?

After years of consuming synthetic pills and chemicals that may only help to relieve mask symptoms of illness, that do not target the cause at its root. We then tend to potentiate double our spending on pharmaceuticals to get rid of harmful side effect.

Would it not be more cost effective to target the blockages along our bodies energy paths for better blood flow and healthier living?

We could then achieve a balanced state of the body and mind for our spiritual harmony and healthy living.

Many people might know Thai massage is similar to yoga practice which is true but billions of people on this planet may not know that Thai massage have its layers from general practice for over all wellness to advanced medical practice for chronic pains and stiffness which all base on ten main bodily energy paths where the practitioner should understand its core healing benefit, and physiological effects, along each main energy path, knowing where each path start, run through the body and stop. How five elements work to sustain our biological system.

Thai massage is not just about stretching, throwing oneself with certain move(s) and direction(s) hoping that only stretching technique will heal all wound(s) and ailments, we have had.


Any remedy method whether ancient practice or modern science in health industry, evolving living circumstances, daily routine, work conditions, postures, habits, behavior pattern, activities, individual's bodily bio-chemical process and respond to the practice(s) which very vary. May be effective to some but do not work well or preferable to many others.

Same go with medical science or any other healing practices that doctor(s), specialist(s), healer(s) of any kind put us through all kind of trial(s) and error(s) on medication(s), pill(s), surgery(s), remedy and manual works, hoping what they know and have trained or expertise might help others in the end of bodily chemical process.


Thai massage is not different on this matter. It depends on how each individual response during the practice until homeostasis process is done which require 24-48 hours.


We, humans are all a different canvas we created by our own doing(s) and acting(s) or we are what we eat and do, as some people said.


What seem to work great for oneself, might not work for another. It's just that simple. A logic we have encounter with, in all areas of human experiences, not just in healing aspect.


Thai massage has its depth and spectrum, being an alternative and holistic health approach for over 2,500 years beyond the Buddha period which practice base on ten main energy paths that evolving on all areas of human existence which are physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual body, where now a day modern science has imitated its approach, based on scientific study and research, that we nowadays are all know, being healthy is not just about being fit physically but being healthy including mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual state of being as a whole.


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