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Penny was born from a Thai mother and Chinese father who immigrated to Thailand with his Chinese parents during World War II period.

She originated from Samutprakarn or 30 minutes away from Sukhumvit, down town Bangkok, Thailand.
Penny relocated to Canada in 2008 after spending 5 years with her French-Canadian husband in Thailand. And she has been living in Quebec, Canada ever since. (2008) as a now Canadian citizen.

People said Penny is a very independent, goal-oriented and a realistic person. Saying she is a fighter, very strong, a do no harm but take no drama, kind of a person. People also said Penny is very intuitive and grounded.

But I would say how people perceive about me, is the reflection of who they are within. I am just a mirror, reflecting everything that present itself in front of me at that particular moment.

I perceive me, myself as a micro creature who is spinning around, in the middle of absolutely no where, in this so called Galaxy or the Universe or whatever that may perceived by humans. I consider myself as a life form on the planet who have a lot to learn from my surroundings, so I can thrive, being receptive and vulnerable to the Unknown.
I do not perceive my character or behavioral pattern upon someone perception of me. My actions, reactions and respond solely depend on the energy around me that I am feeling at the moment I interact with each individual. Good or bad, I am a reflection of your energy at play in front of me. I am your mirror.

Since I have learned life is too short to wake up with regret in the morning from two deadly accidents that happened to me, where there are no body around to help me out. I then intended to live freely detach to all things, people and circumstances which is not serving my soul purpose. Hopefully that I can do better, to serve mankind and living beings I happen to interact with, especially for the children, our young generations, the vulnerable ones before my day has come.

I have passion to uplift humanity and whoever I have opportunity to encounter with. To put a smile on their face, to inspire, to support, to help them from trauma and unfortunate life circumstances. Whether that issue involve physical, mental, psychological, emotional or financial in some case, as much as I could. 
I wish to increase awareness and conscious living with people in my community or contact. So that we could understand, and engage well with our human dynamics, as a massage therapist who have had bachelor degree in psychology.

I believe good relationship of all kinds solely start within oneself and the family; the smallest society we live in and encounter with, on a daily basis but yet the most important environment where there certainly have strong impact to each individuals' character and peace of mind, a work place, community, society and our global at large.

I strongly believe, after all that said and done. We, human race and all beings on this planet Earth need to feel loved and cared for no matter what. To learn, to thrive, to acknowledge, to realize, to appreciate life and its existence, knowing that our existence itself is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to us, after all.
When you come to see me, I get to treat your pain(s) and past wound(s) that happened to you the days or weeks or months or even years BEFORE, due to your living circumstances, work conditions, accidents, activities, habits, bad posture, bio-chemical messes within the body and so on.
So surely you will get to feel some pain during the practice because your pain(s) was already there before you know me or meet me. If not, you won't spend for a therapy.

That being said, when I treat people, I do my best, wanting to ease some of your pains, that I will try to get as deep as I can, at the maximum endurance you can take my strength and time frame you prefer to get treated or have had.
I do not practice just on the physical body to deal with the issue(s) one have had. I go the distance and beyond, including mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual in some cases. So do not expect that my approach will be just another finger tip kind of a massage as you have had experiences or expected, thinking my approach is just another commercial type of a massage. That I also hope people know there are values and awareness I practice in my profession being a therapist or a healer.

Unless you come for a relaxation massage to distress which is more soothing and gentle. But then again do not expect to get healed from chronic pain and stiffness issue with relaxation massage, unless you wanted me to combine the techniques to suit your needs in one session.

I treat each individual differently depend on the person's energy, attitude and belief system I feel during the session. Each visit is solely treat upon your energy field at that particular moment I feel. I am very receptive and quite observant with my surrounding.

I am NOT a magician. My practices are not a miracle approach where I can help people in one single session from chronic pain, thou that is my wish and goal I am expecting as I wish not to waste every body time, energy and resource unnecessary, so I can do more, under the time frame I have on this planet.

Usually it requires few visits but you will feel 50-60% better right after the first visit. Normally the painful feeling during the session will gradually decreased after 10 -15 minutes I addressed on the spot. You will get to feel lighter and loosen, where you could noticed the different right after the session is done.

It is not recommend to belief that my approach will last forever that your pain and stiffness will not re-occur again in the future. What I do, is trying to clear blockage and toxic bio-chemical along your energy paths which accumulated over times before you get to see me, due to your past routine, working conditions, activities and living circumstances.
If you still working in the same work conditions, living in the same negative and toxic atmosphere and environments, doing the same activities and physical move each day after prior visit you get healed, then surely the same symptom will re-visit until you change your routine, habits, activities, postures, living circumstances and behavior patterns.
Our physical body does have its limit to take on a non-stop unconscious "decision making - acting - reacting and repeating behavior patterns. Or I might say, we are our own enemy, abusing our health with unhealthy thoughts, belief system, works, activities, actions and reactions at times, but we some how expecting miracle cure or treatment by another individual at our grants, unrealistically expecting the best outcome in one or a few sessions, which is sadly to say that is not how our bodily healing process work. 
Please do not forget that our physical body has its limit to take on and hold on some human craps, as much as our mind, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual body does. So please do not abuse your own body, expecting me to heal you in one session or two, wishing the same problems will not re-occur if you do not change your habitual.

I said all these with love, to all the human beings on this planet who come across my journey, just so you know how our human dynamic work, to serve its life force, for your own best interests and healthy living, not mine.

You want to up-level your well-being and living circumstances or not, is not me to say or convince. The choice is yours.


B.Sc. (Psychology)
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand
Equivalent by MICC, Canada

Intensive MBA in Marketing
Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand

​Relocated to Gatineau
Quebec, Canada

2013 - 2014
Certified Massage Therapist
Centre Orchidee
Clinique d'Ostéopathie Structurelle
(Alexandre Rouhani)
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

October 2014 - Present
Licensed Massage therapist
Reseau des massotherapeutes professionels du Qubec
Quebec, Canada

Certified Massage Therapist
Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School and Ayuravate Association
Bangkok, Thailand

Certified Massage Therapist
Thai Warrior Massage
Master Jack Shaman
Phang-Nga, Thailand
Certified Meditation Teacher
Willpower Institute
Luang por Viriyang Sirintharo
Meditation Master
Ottawa, Canada

Blockchain technology & Cryptocurrency
Bitkub Academy, Thailand

Online business strategy
Dan Vas, Canada - USA

Astrology | Numerology | Feng Sui
Galaxy Consults Ltd., Thailand

7 and 22 Chakras cleansing
Kundalini energy awakening
Prasarn Saksornchanathipkumphee

Dietary class (40hrs)
Healthy Hero Co.,Ltd. 

Pregnancy massage
Académie de massage & Orthothérapie
Gatineau, Quebec

-  S P I R I T U A L   B A C K G R O U N D  -
Chiron, A wounded healer 

Credit : Conservation International (CI)

Credit : Conservation International (CI)

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