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Thai foot massage is similar to Chinese reflexology.
Reflexology is an ancient technique of applying pressure to reflex points on feet and hands, which causes physiological response through out each system of human body.

It is thought that our feet and hands are analogous to the root system of a tree.
Just as the roots of a tree provide the key to its health and longevity.
People’s feet and hands provide a key to their health and well being the same way.

Traditional Thai healers have discovered specific pressure points on the foot, correspond to specific parts of the bodily sytem as well as internal organs.

Therefore, pressure on certain pressure points of the feet can  relax muscles, cleanse toxin in our body, increasing pulmonary,
circulatory which could prevent illness.
As the reflex points on our hands and feet are worked on circulatory system, increasing blood supply along the body, resulting tension release and toxins elimination.
It is important to remember that a “foot massage” session is more than just a foot massage. Its benefits are holistic.

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