Thai massage is not recommended for people who have issue with

High fever or flu

High blood pressure

Heart disease



Bone disease

Skin disease

Those who had major operation(s) or surgery(s) within the past 2 years.

Women who is at her first 3 months of pregnancy or last 3 months before labor must be cautioned. But surely Thai aroma oil and relaxation massage would accommodate individual wellness,  stress and fatigue circumstances.

​For energy balancing, good posture, flexibility and mobility issues, we recommend a 60 minutes session once a month on a regular basis.

For chronic pain, we recommend few visits of 90 minutes session of advanced medical Thai massage within 7 days for fast result and recuperation.

​After finished a session, we recommend to drink lots of water, eat more fruits and veggies, with a good night sleep to let bodily fluids and its circulation process out accumulated lactic acid in those muscles and pain areas and/or toxin from long period of synthetic pills and chemical consumption from our body through blood vein, excretory and/or urinary system which usually take 24 - 48 hours.

Please noted that I do have very strong hands which may not please people who prefer soft massage, unless you prefer Thai aroma oil and relaxation massage for distress, I provide that practice as well.

FYI, I do have returning clients from all over the places who visit the area for business meeting such as Calgary, Winnipeg, SK, Yellow knife, Vancouver, P.E.I, NB, NV, Toronto, West Ottawa, Quebec city, Montreal, Montebello, Thousand Island, New York, France, Turkey, etc. That being said let me know my insurance receipt is covered by big insurance companies in Canada where there is no question to be asked about my receipt.
For address and distant checking, kindly search on Google Map for Thai Origin Massage or click a button below. It will tell you where is my location and how far I am from you.



- T R A I N I N G  I N F O -

Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage

This training design to help individual who have an ongoing physical discomfort and stiffness issue on one specific area which could be lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatic, T-band area, quadriceps, calf pain, groin pain, etc. The training require 6 hours or 1 day of practice minimum.

Thai Warrior Massage

The training require minimum of 30 hours practice or 5 days for people who already have basic knowledge practicing Thai massage or do yoga practice on a regular basis.


Please be advised that Thai Warrior Massage is a strong and intense ancient approach, therefore the practitioner should have certain flexibility, without any major physical issues such as bone disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, mobility issue or any operation within the past two years.

- B O O K I N G   P O L I C Y -


Before you book appointment with me please check with your insurance company before your visit if you need a doctor note for massage or not  for your own benefit. I know some insurance company does not require doctor note but some do.

I do not take personal phone call from any unknown number(s) that is not on my contact list due to annoying telemarketing and fraud or wrongful reason(s). If you would like to book appointment with me. Please book online at the  " Book Now " bottom of this page.

I let people know my schedule and book online, so that you could have 24/7 flexibility to choose my opening spots at your convenient hours that you can also fill up some information required prior the visit. This way we could safe some wasting time filling up the form during the visit, that I can also keep all my clients information on the digital system or paperless per say. Please mention your symptom or requirement under the " NOTE " option when you fill up online booking page. For any further questions we will talk and discuss once we meet up.

I do believe I provide all the information you need to know about me, my services, background, belief system, expertise and testimonials here on this website that I have nothing left to explain on a telephone call. You just need to read up and make a decision, using your own judgement whether or not I am good enough and worth your spending.


I am not being prideful nor arrogant here but there are time(s), many time(s) I must stand firm on my ground, working alone in my corner, that I hope good people will realize where I take my stand and come from, that I truly wish people will appreciate my concern to only receive and give off a healthy vibe to the people I surround my self with, as a middle person, who could do little something under her power to serve humanity.

Cash payment require to avoid any exploitation that may occur.

I do have surveillance camera in the hallway for personal safety reasons.

For more details about services and rates please click " Book Now" at the page bottom and follow the steps.


- T H A N K  Y O U -


Thai Warrior Massage

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