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Thai massage is not suitable for individuals with the following conditions:

High fever or flu

High blood pressure

Heart diseases



Bone diseases

Skin diseases
Also, people who have undergone major surgery within the past 2 years should avoid Thai massage.


Pregnant women in their first 3 months or last 3 months before labor should exercise caution. However, Thai aroma oil and relaxation massage can be offered to cater to individual wellness needs, stress, and fatigue.

If you have just one pain area that seriously need healing, 30 minutes session is more than enough with me. You don't have to waste more of your time and hard earn with me.

But if you have more than one pain spot or wanting to improve energy balance, posture, flexibility, and mobility issues, I recommend a 40-minute session once a month on a regular basis.


For serious stiffness or chronic pain, I suggest undergoing 3 sessions of advanced therapeutic Thai massage within a 3 week timeframe to achieve faster recovery.

After a session, it is advised to drink plenty of water, consume more fruits and vegetables, and ensure a good night's sleep. This helps in eliminating accumulated lactic acid and toxins from long-term synthetic pills or chemical consumption through the body's circulation, excretory, and urinary systems.


What I do is trying to unblock the blockages along your blood paths or energy flow but you got to let the self-healing process finish its tasks which usually takes 24 - 48 hours. So give time sometime to do what they need to do. Give your body sometime to heal itself after a treatment.

Please note that I specialize in strong massage techniques, which may not suit those who prefer a softer touch. However, for individuals seeking a gentler experience, I can provide a Thai aroma oil and relaxation massage with a firm yet gentle approach as needed as well.


My practices solely go with how I feel once I touch your body. I will adjust my strength accordingly for your best interest at the moment we meet up as each body have different pain threshold that someday you might need hard core approach to heal your physical pain while another day you may just need a gentle touch for your mental fatigue.


Either way I can feel your energy when you walk into my office and I will approach you upon that feeling, in that moment. So don't expect me to practice the same technique or same approach every time you meet me. I don't do that same old same old things all the times it's boring and non-productive in my senses. I usually go with the flow of energy I feel at that particular moment we interact.

For your information, I have returning clients from various places visiting Ottawa / Gatineau, such as Calgary, Winnipeg, SK, Yellowknife, Vancouver, P.E.I, NB, NV, Toronto, West Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Montebello, Thousand Island, New York, France, Turkey, UK, U.S, etc. That being said let me know there is nothing to worry about health insurance receipt I issue.

Insurance receipts for my services are accepted by major insurance companies in Canada, including Manulife, Canada Life, Sun Life, Blue Cross, SSQ, Desjardins, and many other smaller insurance companies.

To find my location, kindly search "Thai Origin Massage" on
Google Maps. My store is open every day including holidays, to ensure I can serve the community as much as I possibly can upon their available schedule.

Free 90 minutes parking in front of my office and around the blocks. Paid street parking next cross street on Laval or in the buildings next to the City of Gatineau


To avoid no show, cancellation, and exploitation. E-transfer or Paypal at is required 12 hours prior your physical visit.


If the payment is not received 12 hours prior the treatment. I will cancel your appointment to leave the spot for others who in need.

I do not answer telephone calls or texts, to avoid scams, frauds, telemarketing, unnecessary questions/ interactions.

Every things you need to know before exchanging with me is on this website. Kindly use the online booking available at the bottom of this page to check available spots that suit your conveniences. I gives everyone a freedom to choose my time slots. By booking online, you can also provide necessary information beforehand, helping me maintain a paperless and efficient digital system.

All essential information about me, my services, expertise, background, beliefs, standards, attitudes and testimonials are all available on this website. I aim to be transparent so that you can make an informed decision before your session. Any further questions can be addressed on-site.
My intention is not to come across as prideful or arrogant, but rather to clarify that I offer professional services with pride and dignity because I am dedicated to serving the countries and communities I live in and came from, and I hope those who seek my healing services understand where I take my stand in the society.


I believe in transparency and honesty that I genuinely wish to share positive vibes and knowledge with people that I have nothing left to explain or answer on a telephone call.
You just need to read up, using your own judgement and make a decision before you spend with me. Any further questions we will talk and discuss on site.

For safety purposes, there are surveillance cameras on the building and in hallway. Any fraudulent, exploitative, or abusive behavior will be reported and documented.
As a wounded healer, I value healthy boundaries on all levels - physical, mental, and psychological. The connection between body, mind, and spirit is essential for my practice, and I always prioritize self-love while serving our society as a therapist.

Before booking an appointment, please check with your insurance company to see if you need a doctor's note for massage coverage or not. I know some insurance company may not require it, others might.

To schedule your appointment, please click on
"BOOK NOW" at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions provided.


Thank you for considering my services, and I look forward to providing you a healing experience.

- T H A N K  Y O U -

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