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Thai massage is not recommend for individuals with the following conditions

Flu | Fever | Hypertension| 
Heart diseases| Open wound | Contagious diseases | Skin diseases | Bone diseases | Cancer | Nausea | High volume of blood lose | During heavy period

eople who have undergone major surgery and operations within past 2 years should avoid Thai massage.
Pregnant women in their first trimester should exercise cautiously.
I can provide both therapeutic and relaxation massage from head to toe whether you have issue with your head, face, migraine, office syndrome, neck, shoulder, upper back, mid back, lower back, hip, butt or glute, piriformis, sciatica, groin, inner thigh, legs, IT band, femoral, calf, Achilles, foot, ankle, wrist, tennis elbow, hand, sport injury, nurturing scar tissues to boost up your circulatory system, drain your lymphatic or simply trigger your brain to produce happy hormones.
If you want to improve blood flow, maintaining bodily chemical balance, flexibility, mobility and general well-being to keep up with your internal being, daily routine, bad postures and work conditions. I recommend a 45 minute session once a month.
It is advised to drink plenty of water, consume more fruits and vegetables, and ensure a good night sleep after the session. This helps fasten up bodily healing process, eliminating accumulated lactic acid and toxins from long-term synthetic pills or chemical consumption through the bodily vascular, excretory, and urinary systems.

If you could practice deep breathing exercise; the 8-4-8 method or meditation 5-5-5 minutes each day. This will have tremendous impact with your homeostasis or biochemical balance on the cell level. As we know, the more oxygen in the system, the faster the healing will proceed within your body. This is why they invented ozone machine to use in hospital, to help fasten up the recovery process after major operations.

What I do is trying to unblock the blockages along your blood paths or energy flows. But you got to let the self-healing process finished its tasks which usually takes 24 - 48 hours. So give time sometime to do what they need to do. Give your body sometime to finish the healing process after a treatment.
Please note that I specialize in strong approach, which may not suit those who prefer a soft little touch.
However, for individuals seeking a firm and gentle touch. I can provide  relaxation massage if needed as well.
If you prefer a no noise treatment, wanting a quite environment, not wanting me to explain, answer the questions or talks.

Kindly book under "relaxation massage" so I know what kind of atmosphere you expected to receive. Do not book for pains, soreness, stiffness issues then expect me to not explain why, where and how I practice, or simply answer general questions or communicate.

My practices is solely go with the flow of energy and how I feel once I touch your body, as each body have different pain threshold. Someday you might need hard core approach to heal your physical pains, stiffness and blockages while another day you may just need to relax your mental fatigue from work loads.
Either way I can feel your energy when you walk in, and I will approach you upon that. So don't expect me to offer the same approach every time you meet me. I don't do that same old same old things every times  we encounter. It is boring and non-productive in my senses. 
And please remember, I try to heal your past wounds, scar tissues,  discomfort and pain(s), not your future issues. So if you still having the same work routine, same bad habits and posture, day in and day out, surely the issue(s) will re-occur and need on-going treatment.
I am not a magician who can prevent you from future issues, pains, fatigues, soreness, stiffness and bad postures. I do not think anyone can do that to be honest. Unless you meditate to develop special abilities, being claircognizant and clairvoyant. But like I said, I am not a magician.
For your information, I have returning clients from all over the places who visiting Gatineau - Ottawa region. Such as Calgary, Winnipeg, SK, Yellowknife, Vancouver, P.E.I, NB, NV, Toronto, West Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal, Montebello, Thousand Island, New York, France, Turkey, UK, U.S, India, etc. That being said let me know there is nothing to worry about health insurance receipt I issue. The receipt I issued are accepted by most major insurance companies in Canada and many other smaller insurance companies.

To find my location, kindly search "Thai Origin Massage" on Google Maps.

Free 90 minutes parking in front of my office and around the blocks if luck is on your side. Paid street parking next cross street on Laval or in the buildings next to the City of Gatineau. Or 5-10 minutes walk from Canadian Museum of History, Children's Museum, Portage Bridge and Maisonneuve street.

Before spending on healing with me, kindly read here consciously. If you mindful enough, you will know what you need to know, how I operate being a human.

There are enough information about my work ethic, educational background, values, attitudes, belief system, standards, practices, life experiences and testimonials available on this website, to get to know me before wasting your hard-earned with me.

You can choose my availabilities 24/7 by booking online that you can also provide some required information to help me maintain paperless, saving some trees, keeping your record on digital system, so we do not waste time when the actual treatment take place.

I aim to be transparent and honest so that you can make an informed decision before wasting your time and money on healing with me. Any further questions can be addressed during massage session.

Hopefully, what I share here will get people realized that I prefer mutual respect, equal exchange and truths over manipulation, lies, deception, victim mentality, indecisiveness and non-sense. As I do not wish to waste time, energy, resources and affords of all the parties involved. Yours, mine and extended circles.

It is my intention since the beginning of this profession, not to take more than 3 clients each day, nor wanting to work anywhere. Because I knew my practices is not for anyone and everyone. That I also knew my strong approach will not pleased everyone and anyone. It is by choice to become who I am today, and very proud of it no matter scars.

If you book online 8-12 hours in advance. You will get appointment with me usually. But to make sure you will get the spot that suit your convenient hours. I recommend booking few days in advance.

I do not have plan to expand business, to work with/for anyone though I got a lot of offers. Because I wanted to have freedom to manage my time and schedule while raising the children on my own until they graduated. So there is no need to waste your time to email me a business offer of any kinds. I am not interested.

Peace, mental health and the kids are my priority. Not material possession.

What I am trying to do here, is to save you time, energy and affords, to fix your issues from routine bad postures, and ailments for your mobility and longevity, as I committed myself to serve the community I live in and came from till my day has come, or that I can no longer physically do this. That I hope those who seek authenticity and energy healings would understand where I take my stand in our society.
After over 10 years practicing Thai massage in this country, dealing with thousands of people from multicultural genes, DNA memory transferred and imprinted, personalities traits, belief systems, and stories I have come across and been told to believe to be true.

I believe my intentions, actions, work ethic, and perseverance speak for its self at this point.


I am not here to judge, get praised, validated, criticized, complete nor compare.


I am here to trade my skills, knowledges, know-how, experiences and stories which I hope what I have learned and experienced over 50 years of living on the planet, knowingly and unknowingly can inspire and up-lift people. To bring in some different perspectives and awareness to the community, so we all can grow and do better, making the world a little better place for the young generations to come.

I do not take walk-in client, nor doing mobile massage, nor give appointment by telephone call, text, DM or email due to telemarketing, fraudulent and scammers that come in all forms no matter genders, colors, races, sizes, shapes, looks, sounds, and feelings.

My intention is not to come across as being prideful, arrogant, egotistic, self-absorbed nor overly confident. Rather setting a firm boundary to protect myself from entitlement, audacity, victim mentality, harassment, predators, grandiose, covert, malignant, communal, and neglectful traits.

To avoid no show and exploitations of my available spots I can offer to others. Please check your schedule before booking and make sure you can show up for the appointment.

I am selling healthcare services not shoes, bags, clothing, food, toys, junks, etc. Time is my inventory that can not be re-store, re-sale, re-build, nor re-use.

When you cancel, re-schedule or not show up. I lost the time slot and opportunity to make a living to support my children and the family. So be mature and mindful of your decision making before booking.

For safety measures, there are surveillance cameras outside the building and another one in the hallway.

Any fraudulent, exploitative, abusive behavior, harassment and assault will be recorded, reported and filed with the authority without notice.

Before booking appointment. Please check with your insurance company to see if you need a doctor's note for massage coverage or not. I know some insurance company may not require, others might.

If you would like to exchange with me. Kindly click BOOK NOW at bottom of this page to check my availabilities and follow the instructions provided.

Thank you for considering my services.
I look forward to serve you at the best of my abilities.
Thai Origin Massage

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