As I committed to share our Thai massage wisdom, an alternative and holistic health approach to human race, in hoping that this authentic art of healing will become the very first method of self-help practice that most people in our multicultural society could perform within the family, helping each other from pain and suffering from basic ailments, fatigue, stress and anxiety, not needing to depend on others or synthetic pills which could potentially cause long term side effects, leading to major trauma, sickness and financial instability of its family in some cases. That I am now considering to start a few hours of training to individual who thirst for ancient wisdom, wanted to learn their know how, which discovered by modern science later on.

Though I might not have many years of working experiences in this business, but after focusing on Thai massage practice only, on hundreds of human bodies since I graduated in 2014 and still continue learning the essences of this old fashion healing approach. I now confident enough to share my knowledge and know how to people who want to practice advanced medical Thai massage that I have learned the origin of "know how" from  many guru(s) I have gain knowledge from.


I belief if people could practice Thai massage and pass on this healing method in their family, it would help them save a lot of medical expenses, energy and time consuming from illness and recovery, not being able to enjoy life, doing the things they love, where they could spend their hard earns income on something else more meaningful such as education, traveling and self-discovery of all kinds rather than illness which caused them frustration and moodiness not being able to move around comfortably, at ease and be free.


My only wish being a part of our global community is that I wish everybody on the planet is happy and be at peace within, feeling loved and cared for, that I, myself, a big believer in love and humanity, wish that we are all conscious enough to notice such loving energy which present in front of us and grateful for that presented opportunity.


We, humans are all yearning for love. True love, the kind of love that is far beyond our mind could see or even touch but only felt with our heart. Or I might say that true love we crave for, is actually called " self - love " in another word.


Self - love; an energy that many of us has not yet discovered within, or perhaps unfortunate to get opportunity to unfold its dimensions and layers in this life time

Self-love; an energy that  we all already carry within but not yet know the " how to " or perhaps forgetting, because we are too busy, putting others in front of us, leaving our self behind, trying to put things all together, upon life events and family circumstances.

I believe, any physical activity that evolve caring touch, or one on one interaction between two people, will gradually increase a strong bond between parties, helping each individual to transform in a massive way, as we, human beings, are a social creature who carve for love and connection in one way or another.

From my personal experiences practicing this healing art. I can surely say Thai massage practice could ignite that loving energy, leading us to self-love.


Thai massage help an individual to recognize, to notice their physical limitation and limited ability, so that individual could bring back the balance state of their own being. Thai massage teach us to acknowledge the push and pull of energy that we demonstrate onto ourselves and others, in our day to day living.

Advanced Thai massage techniques that I have gain the " knowledge and know how " from many well-known teachers whether in Canada or Thailand, is a  comprehensive practices that not only offer physical healing and therapeutic benefits in short period of time only, but also providing a sense of calmness, being at ease within and quite relaxing.


If the practitioner is well trained upon anatomical and physiological study where they could apply modern science knowledge with this inherent know how into their practice, the therapist will then realized its core essence and true potential.


When a practitioner passionately perform this healing art with compassion and good attention being a genuine healer, the receiver will feel loose, light, open, calm and soothing but yet invigorating at the same time.


As many people has told me awhile back that I should teach and pass on this wisdom to others, being Thai who is passionate with this prehistoric art, living abroad, being a therapist in this profession. I think it is time to do something I committed to.


I will offer a few hours of training to individual who have on going specific health issues, thirst for knowledge, wanting to learn a natural and economical healing method, being a primary healthcare provider to his/her own family, wanting to create a self-sufficient healing unit within a family, giving care to their loved ones whenever possible. So that you people can be there for your family when they need the most, doing this with your own two hands, not needing to spend more money on the treatment and traveling time, to come and see a therapist such as me, Penny, to do it for you or your loved ones.

There is no doubted that I love helping people to get better physically, mentally, psychologically, being a healer. But I wish that all you people will get to the point on your journey to acknowledge a beautiful feeling, being a health care giver to others, especially for your loved ones.


That loving energy that we put out on others and the community, go both ways and beyond. To the giver, receiver, their social circles which will have a ripple effect to your own well-being one way or another. A domino effect of good deeds. This is what I love to see in our society. To be there for others who truly need your love and supports in one way, shape or form.


Thai massage practice is solely base on Law of Duality, that none of us on this planet could deny this truth. The truth that has been proved by millions of people on earth, time after times for centuries.

All I could share at this point on my journey. I would say Life is so beautiful and worthwhile, when we could put ourselves out there to make someone else smile, whether that someone is a member of the smallest unit in the society such as our family or in a larger scale such as a community, town, city, province, country, globally or universally.


It is so true what Jim Carrey have said

" The effect we could have on others, is the most valuable currency there is "

that I am, Penny, been trying to do, under my capability, to serve humanity, planting some seeds, hoping this value will pass onto our next generations to come.


All that being said, I will start teaching this art of healing for individual who want to know " how to" so they can  help their loved ones who have issue with on going specific symptom they have  been struggling with. To those who curious to know the natural and universal way of healing, that anybody, from any walk of life can practice and perform with their own bare hands and physical body, no tool require.


Such symptoms and ailments which could be healed by advanced Thai massage technique are : office syndrome, migraine, headache, facial palsy, stiffed neck, chronic shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, Tennis elbow syndrome, biceps tendinitis, triceps tendonitis, sciatica syndrome, piriformis syndrome, dead butt syndrome, tendonitis, upper back pain, lower back pain, groin hernia, calf pain, Achilles' tendon pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), etc.


I will also offer a training to those who would like to learn Thai aroma oil and relaxation massage, facial and head massage, abdominal or stomach massage, hand and foot massage, lingam and prostate massage for men, perineal massage for women, aiming to clear bodily blockage along energy path, increasing its flow and blood circulation on the area as well.

All my practices that I have learned and will teach are solely originated from its source and guru(s) in Thailand, dated back 2,500 years ago that I have traveled back and fort every few years to gain more techniques from many places through out the country, from people who have over 30 - 40 years experience practicing  Thai massage, in my home country, Thailand, where I could understand every little details and techniques being teached, because I am Thai, who have no language barrier and difficulty to study its true essence, where I could apply modern science, anatomy-physiology knowledge I have studied into my practice.

The Training


The training for advanced medical Thai massage on each symptom require 3 hours, 2 persons for a hand on practice where I will explain a little anatomy and physiology on how human body, its elements and bodily energy work to heal itself, in human language that very easy to understand.



And how we could manipulate muscles, nerve, joints, ligaments, tendons, blood circulation and its flow along those energy path, area, so the body will naturally heal itself within a day or two, without needing to depend on synthetic pills or medication.

I will demonstrate the techniques and let you practice with your person  until you got the idea, that you " know why and know how " to heal your loved ones the therapeutic way. That later on whenever the pain arise in the future, you do not need to travel, wasting your time, energy, and hard earn income, to pay a therapist such as me, Penny, to help you and your loved ones, so that you can enjoy caring each other, doing the things and activities you like together on your demand.

For a couple or those who interested to discover this art of healing approach, please email me, Penny, for further details at :