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Seven chakras massage is an energy work which done on main seven gateway of life force energy, from root chakra ( perineal area) to crown chakra (foramen magnum area)


Seven chakras massage is not only intend to deal with physical nature only, but solely treat all aspects of individual beings, base on knowledge and know how I have gained through out my years of practice, being a licensed massage therapist who also had bachelor background in psychology, studied about human dynamic, behavior patterns, perception, human relationships, belief system, cultures and so on.


This practice aim to promote physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health, to raise individual awareness upon human dynamic and its relationship issue which caused by physical and psychological nature, hormone deficit, blood circulation and energy flow through out seven chakras or CNS (Central Nervous System).



This practice could help diminish physical, psychological and emotional numbness, due to family duties and life circumstances which suppressing her/his sense of individuality, putting a man and woman in less familiar aspects of their life.


This practice help cleansing negative energies in our system along seven chakras or central nervous system (CNS), to help seeker who struggling with ultimate truth, social norms, culture, standards and belief systems.


Especially on sacral chakras  which located two inches below the navel.

Blockages in sacral chakra on physical level cause energy imbalances along the area including sexual and reproductive issues, urinary problems, kidney dysfunctions, hip, pelvic and low back pain.


On emotional level, the blockage on this area have impact upon relationships and commitment, ability to express emotions, pleasure, sexuality, betrayal, sense of security, fear, lack mentality, depression, mood swing, feeling overwhelmed, loss of imagination or creativity, sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, and addiction.

When sacral chakra is balanced, we will have ability to take risks, to commit, create, passionate, and outgoing. To honor others.

My seven chakras massage is not simply an physical body and energy work but also a spiritual practice for inner healings.


The practice require background knowledge upon human dynamics on all level including physiological, anatomical, psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual plus a mindset to serve mankind beyond 3D or physical reality.  


Similarly to reiki or chi master, the practitioner would channel Source energy for healing purpose. Using their mediumship and kundalini power, to cleanse recipient's energy passage or pathway through out seven chakras or CNS system.

The mediumship to channel Source energy requires hundreds of hour of breath work on regular basis. Or I might say to be able to tap in and channel Source energy, the practitioner need at lease 60-120 minutes of meditation daily. Which is totally different on individual level. Some people practice meditation for many years but could not tap in and connect with the Source, while a few only practice for months to achieve. - This I have heard from my coach who have trained energy healers over 30 years. 


The practitioner need to be focus and fully conscious of the consequences, while healing others through their channeling and mediumship. This is why they need hours of meditation or breath work to cleanse negative energy they received at work and else where, to prepare themselves each day for healing others, if they do not wish to get sick, being a therapist.

We also need to know how to create energy field to protect ourselves and the client from unknown entity(s) or negative force during the channeling.

In my case, I did daily 60-120 minutes breath work and meditation, to cleans 22 chakras, on one one coaching with my coach since late June 2021. My coach told me that I am more than ready and beyond, which I do not want to mention here to scare people away.


Why 22 chakras, not 7 chakras? 

Seven chakra is an individual practice for self-healing on 3D realm. For those who is a therapist, practicing energy work, practitioner need 22 chakras cleansing and practice which will have impact on all three, body, mind and soul. Physical, mental and spiritual body or 3D, 4D and 5D realm.

Why am I interested in this energy healing work?

Because I have met many real coachs and healers.


Because I have met a coach who have been practicing energy healing technique for over 30 years. Someone who can see dark energy clouding my physical body with his third eye. He know my story I kept over 20 years never told any one, simply by looking at my picture, talking with me on digital camera, healing me from the other side of the planet ! HOW he knows ?

I wanted to be that good, just like him. That is why I am interested and serious on my practice and energy healing work !

A master once said

" Knowledge is expensive but not knowing is more expensive than the knowledge "

This is true to all my personal experiences of 51 years journey on planet Earth. But I would like to add this sentence as well.

" The purpose of knowledge is to turn mirrors into windows of opportunity "

What is Chakra ?

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word which literally translates to “Wheel” or “Vortex”. The chakras, themselves, are wheels of energy running through the aura into the physical body. Whilst we cannot see these, they are easy to detect with a pendulum.

We are all carry some greatness and demons within oneself. But when we feel powerless, like we have lost the ability to express our true voice among friends and society around us, we could probably have some energy blockages along the center of our body.

Chakras massage could potentially benefit us greatly once we begin to awaken the serpentine energy or kundalini that we are all have within.

‘Kundalini’ is one of those terms that many of us have come across in our search for spiritual awakening and good health, but it is more often than not, a concept that most of us misunderstand, or fail grasping to the reality of its term. 


In ancient Hindu traditional and its scholar, healers and philosophers describe the Kundalini as a coiled serpent, a dormant, sleeping snake wrapped up tightly at the base of our spine.


When awakened, it can produce unprecedented reserve of energy, willpower and an unstoppable force of being, which can benefit our life is some truly amazing ways.


Kundalini and the Chakras However, in order to awaken and control our Kundalini energy, we need to understand how it relates to Chakra system.


Our chakras are the key energy center, located in a straight line through the center of our body, the central nervous system (CNS) along our spinal columns.


The ‘coiled serpent’ of Kundalini energy rises through our torso, in line with our spine, and passes through each and every one of our chakras, from root chakra (perineum) through to crown chakra (foramen magnum) where we belief is the passage we could receive Universal energy from the Source.


It is in this way that the Kundalini energy can be so effective, and, if your chakras are not balanced or occasionally overwhelming. Its blockages can surely causing your physical and mental health in some way, shape or form. 


Kundalini awakening will rejuvenates itself, as well as offering its own life force energy, through the Chakras, making it easier to enhance our experience of living in Oneness and multi-dimentional reality. 

Through aligning our Chakras with the energy boost that comes about, via Kundalini awakening, we can quickly and effectively put our life in perspective, and overcome a vast range of challenges and difficulties.

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