Insurance policy

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I get informed by the association I'm registered with that in January 2020, some insurance company will apply new policy, not to accept insurance receipt from massage therapist(s) who registered in Quebec province, that have less than 1,000 hours of training.

This got me thinking about few things.

The therapist(s), such as myself, who have gain lot of hours of training else where, outside the country, who her knowledge(s) and know how did not get recognized in this country. Therapist(s) who does not concerned much about name or flame, except wanting to learn more, do more, help more under their capability.

Therapist(s) who wish not to know many massage technique(s) but wanting to focus and specialize in just one particular technique, where they want to be good at, that they can actually apply the knowledge and know how to help people, to serve human race.

Therapist(s), who will never meet that 1,000 hours of training criteria that some insurance company's policy put a barrier on them, assuming they are not good enough if they have less than 1,000 hours of training requirement.

I know many great therapist(s) who they have been putting a lot of their affords and hardship, physically, psychologically, mentally, monetary to gain more trainings and practices else where from many experienced individuals who have over 30-40 years of practice. But unfortunately their training and practices do not get recognized where they currently live.

I surely know some of my training will not get certified and recognized in Canada. But this mind-set and system will not stop me from learning, wanting to know more, to go beyond, to expand, so that I can gather knowledge and ancient wisdom as much as I can, so that I can pass this on to our young generations before my day has come.

I know for a certain, many therapist(s) and individual(s) have invested a lot of money, energy, resources and time consuming on healing business, wanting to gain more in-depth of it essence, aiming to help more people, being an empath.

Though their practices might not get recognized on forefront but they surely got the know how and wisdom in their hands and the brain, practicing the right thing, being a good therapist, where people will come to them for healing no matter what.

It's good to be recognized, and get certified but is it really mean any thing if we don't really know what we doing, being a true a healer?

To be honest, as a healer, who want to focus on one particular technique and be good at it where I can heal people from physical, mental, psychological and emotional pain(s) that I might not be able to issue insurance receipt under some policy is quite acceptable for me.

I don't really have issue with this kind of policy because I know "not" every body in our society wanting to buy insurance, paying premium every month for every fear(s) we have been taught to believe. I myself, is one of them.

I believe we can surely find the way to get heal from the pain(s) that we really need help even though we do not have insurance cover, especially once it comes to health concern.

We all know, if we are in pain(s), feeling discomfort, to the point that the body not allowing us to move, to flex, to work, to go and do what we like to. We will then lose the freedom of choice in many ways. We can not do more, enjoy more, create more, as we wish or responsible to.