This full body relaxation massage is not a simple hands-on practice where it does not required physiological, anatomical and psychological knowledge on some level. The practitioner must have some ground knowledge, fully self-aware, while practicing and witness the flow of oxytocin hormone releasing, getting high during the session.

The goal of figure massage is to provide individual consciousness and loving contact with his/her own masculinity/feminine energy which is done on the 9th and 10th energy path or meridian lines or excretory system and reproductive system.

This practice aim to promote physical and mental well-being, raising individual awareness upon intimacy issue between couple and relationship dynamic which caused by psychological and physical nature, hormone deficit, blood circulation and energy blockage along this two paths which western culture and expectations upon its citizen has psychological suppressed the society, creating difficulties and all kind of physical issues, unhealthy family dynamic on individual level, effecting the family members well-being, the community, society and the global at large. Not realizing the truth upon law of duality. The yin-yang energy flow between light and darkness, truth and falsehood which always seeking the balance to sustain life force and its specie.


This practice could help diminish psychological and emotional numbness, physical fatigues, due to family duties and its demanding which suppressing her/his sense of individuality, lacking of hormone, putting a man and woman in touch with less familiar aspects of his/her being. Help enhancing connection with one self and another, its family members, social circle.

Through a healing touch, figure massage provide a deep relaxation that sustain hormone and energy flow, responses of excretory and reproductive system which include sacral nerve, gallbladder, urethra, perineum, groin muscle, testicular torsion, spermatic cord, ejeculatory duct, erectile tissue, anal canal, and prostate gland.


For woman figure, this massage help clearing energy blockages, magnify blood circulation and hormone, reducing dryness issue and painful intercourse where cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and vagina located.

For male figure, this energy path blockage could cause issue such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful ejaculation, aspermia (no ejaculate), hypospermia (low ejaculate volume), OAT syndrome : Low concentration, insufficient motility, and increased amorphous spermatozoa.

The practice is solely provide, to demonstrate the know how men/women can touch their loved one, to build strong bond between a couple, resulting a healthy living for the whole family unit that I wish people would take the knowledge and know how to practice with their loved one at home, as I have heard many stories in my practice saying, they have never get touch and feel like this before in their entire life, that they wanted me to teach because they don't really know how to touch. It must be great if their partner know how to do this.


I would say, rubbing and touching is a total two different thing. That is why many therapists invest a lot of their efforts and hardships to learn all kind of massage techniques from different sources and guru(s), because they know, their performance and touch could have a great impact, and changing someone's life on a physical and mental level.


However, this practice is not available for all to learn and get teach, as it require some ground knowledge about the systems, the organs and its function, the willingness, openness, personal acknowledgement, the right intention and psychological understanding on some level. Knowing there are two sides of the same coin of energy at play during the session. Knowing there are spots we touch, could potentially do more damage to other than good. There are spots that we can just put more pressure to malfunction the system.

A master once said, knowledge is expensive but not knowing is way more expensive than the knowledge. And sometimes the "not-knowing" or simply being ignorant could cost one's life to learn the lesson as we have heard in the news every now and then.


There are reasons why some individuals are willing to pay  400-500 euro per hour with good massage therapists. They know knowledge is power. They know there always two sides of the same story playing at every moment of our life. The good and the bad, the light and the darkness, the truth and falsehood, The bondage and liberation.


Some people get to realized knowledge is compelling that it could make a big different in ones life, that it is not wise to trade their future self and what they have had with others who unconsciously operate from a different level of understanding, wisdom and life experiences.


Many people know it cost a lot more when they are not mindful on their decision making, action and reactions, even on a small scale such as getting a massage from someone. They know how energy work and have massive effected in their system. what worth the risk. What's not.


People have heart intelligent, they know where is the safe place they could go for true healing, what worth their hard earns. As we humans, of course trend to judge others upon our abilities to flourish and life experiences. Ones judgement is a reflection of ones own inner-self, state of being and perceptions upon each one own life experiences, not much so about the others. That is why we do not  understand why some people have different mind-set and action which seemingly process on a total different way. Same act, same practice, same method but exude different outcome.

There are practitioners who know how the energy work and inter-exchangeable. How they could protect their own energy field. Or where and how to touch to manipulate the brain, the muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood circulation and its flow with a good pressure to start its function, to help others, putting ones back to their healthy state of  living. Or where to touch to get some system malfunction or to shut down the whole organism on the other hand. While there are some practitioners who touch without knowing, lacking ground knowledge, unaware what they practice could put other at risk and dysfunctional for life which very unfortunate.

I am offering this service as part of humanity work I believe I could do for human race, being a licensed massage therapist who had a little psychology back ground, wanting to raise individual awareness, to help people who might not yet realize and acknowledge their human nature, behavior patterns, its dynamic and relationships that need a little understanding and recognition of thyself for their own healthy living and longevity.


This practice done by triggering the brain and its neurotransmitter to release oxytocin or love hormone for long term health care, promoting strong bond and better relationship for a couple, its family and children, resulting healthier body, mind and spirit which caused by physical and psychological nature.

The practice is done with the practitioner fully cloths on, standing beside massage table as usual. There is no sitting on client body, nor a body to body exchange between the practitioner and receiver as many people misunderstood or perceived.

In term of spirituality, this manual work can considered as Sadhana practice which literally mean a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal, that is aimed at progressing towards the very ultimate expression of his or her life in physical reality. Sadhana is a means whereby bondage becomes liberation.

A high regard practice where the mind-body-spirit are at its harmonious state, while observing bodily hormone get heighten with total conscious, to preserve one own life force. A then manual practice over thousands years ago that I learned from great individual who has the same passion and vision as much as I do, to serve humanity on individual scale but yet have global impacts. Wanting to help people from physical, mental, psychological and emotional trauma(s) so we can all thrive to a better place.


A practice of true compassion and kindness toward the other person, between the union, the two entities, the giver and receiver, the feminine and masculine energy within oneself and the other, with high regards physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

For a couple who want to learn this technique for the sake of their beloved family and its healthy living, please email me.

​Thank you


- Discrimination -

I do not own any of the clips I share here for a business purpose, rather be another channel to spread her/his wisdom and works to human race who might come across my journey. A person who is working on herself toward oneness and enlightenment.

I am truly grateful for his and her sharing as this have helped me a lot in term of personal growth through out my years in this profession being a licensed massage therapist who had struggled with some individual's awareness and perceptions that get across my path for healing. I have never realized in my younger years that humans truly yearning for real connection with oneself and another through a good caring touch.


Bless be to you both Esther Perel and Sadhguru.