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As many people know I prefer to work alone at my own studio where I will not hire anyone to work for me, or with me or wanting to work for others is because I want to offer a calm, quite atmosphere and privacy to client(s), upon my personal  circumstances, being a single parent of young boys who are my priority that I need flexibility and freedom to manage my hours to suit their schedule and needs.

For this reason(s) and 'alone' working environment measured under my kind and caring nature, upon family circumstances and limitations. I get exploited often by people who seem having NPD that I now must request CASH payment, needed to put surveillance camera on the hallway to avoid negative circumstances as a self-defense method I could do to protect my dignity, values, family and the community I live in.

I wish not to be harsh, rude and disrespectful BUT I will need to let other decent people know about this exploitation, so that they do not become a victim like I once was. So please kindly understand the situation.
We are all have free will to choose our path, walking on this planet that I wish not to be judgemental on other people behaviors, values, social norms and standards, choice of living and how they chose to live their life, creating their own consequences and bad karma, rather than protecting myself, my family and the society I live in, from unconscious individuals, social diseases, negative energy, narcissistic individual(s), sociopath, psychopath, wanting to exchange my energy, time, resources and wisdom with only good people I happen to encounter with.

Upon my personal circumstances and limitations. I should make sure me, my family and our community living each day in a healthy environment, physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I am not here to judge others with their decision making, acting and reacting. My job is not to say what is right or what is wrong. My job is to live joyfully with inner peace and grace each day, knowing I can do something worthwhile to serve others in one way, shape or form, while I still have sometime left to enjoy positive energy on this planet.
That being said, I consider this action as part of humanity work I am doing to support and give back my share to the community and the global at large, setting a little standard in my surrounding, not wanting our society to lead into more exploitation and further negative circumstances which could potentially damage another beings whether that is humans or animals or mother nature.
Here are some information I have got from people who exploited me.

Name : Joel Lanoix
Tel: 819.360.1298
Address: Rue Pearson, Gatineau, QC.
Work place: Hydro Quebec

Name: Oliver
Tel: 819.665.3825
Address: Cantley, Gatineau, QC.
Work place: Self-employed

I do not know if the information I received is genuine or not but this is what I got that I think I should at lease let people aware of this name, telephone number and information I was provided when the exploitation occurred.
There are more people who did this to me but I did not keep the record then. So kindly pay CASH before we start the treatment.

Last but not lease, since many past negative events happened to me. I now decided to put surveillance camera on the hall way for my personal safety reason that I wish good people will understand where I am standing being a massage therapist.

Thank you

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Disclaimer : I do not own this VDO clips nor having intention to use it for business gains, rather than wishing to share the author of this VDO wisdom, knowledges and know how to people who migth come across my journey as a massage therapist who also have had psychology background.

Credit : Dr. Les Carter

Credit : Dr. Les Carter

Credit : Dr. Les Carter

Credit : Dr. Les Carter

Credit : Dr. Ramani

Credit : Meredith Miller

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