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What is Reiki ?


Reiki is a type of alternative healing approach from Japan. It was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. The word can be broken down into two meanings. “Rei” means God’s wisdom or higher power. “Ki” is life force energy. When combined, Reiki means spiritual guide to maintain life force energy.

Reiki is an energy-healing practice that is considered safe, no side effects under the notion that the body is more than just a physical entity. Reiki focuses on all aspects of being including mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


If you want to cleanse negative energy in your system, restoring positive energy, Reiki healing is another way you could try.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki practitioner will lay their hands over your body to channel Source energy to heal you. During the treatment, they use specific mantras and blessing to clear your negative energy.


Reiki is a spiritual practice that anyone can obtain. All it takes is one hour of deep meditation practice and breathing work on a daily basis to strengthen spiritual body.

But a Reiki Master will use their Chi power, to channel and connect you with Universal energy.

Some master can create energy filed for protection.


Of course, a master can channeling and manipulate your energy and bodily system with their mediumship.


Is Reiki is part of a religious ?

No, Reiki does not a religion practice though it was developed by Japanese monk. Reiki is a practice to strengthen spiritual body through meditation and breathing work, that we could practice for healthy mind, body and soul.


You do not need to belong to any specific church or temple or religious to benefit from this healing practice.


Or you could ask a Reiki Master who practice deep meditation and inner work, to channel energy between you and the Source for inner child healing and/or physical, emotional wounds.


What Happens During a Reiki Session?

It depends on your specific condition, but it might seem similar to other sessions you have with alternative healing approach such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopath or a massage.


You will lie on a table for up to one hour. The practitioner, especially a Reiki Master, will channel Universal energy into your body during the session with their Chi power or Kundalini energy they have gained from their daily meditation practice, to clear negative force and blockages along your energy paths.


Some practitioner who practice deep meditation, might have had  their third eye opened, which will help them to see through your body, finding energy blockages. With that ability they can scan your body, like X-ray machine, this will help reduce time consuming for the treatment as they can target directly to the point(s), no messing around assuming what is where.


During the treatment, you might become so relaxed that you might fall asleep. You will feel energy being unblocked, lighter and at ease. Some people even experience a warm, glowing energy throughout the body, where other people simply have an overall feeling of relaxation.

Reiki practitioners have become popular in hospitals nowaday. If you are experiencing pain either before or after a surgery, Reiki is a natural way to alleviate pain before medication kicks in. Your pain scale should be gradually less, by the end of the session, depending on your condition, the inflammation may subside for a few days. After some time, it might be healed indefinitely. 


Who can benefit from Reiki Session?

Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing no matter the health conditions. Even people who are seemingly healthy and happy can have a sense of peace.


Reiki practice is aim to cleanse blockage and negative energy in any living beings' system, not just human. Our pets can also benefit from this practice if you could find a master who can channel and manipulate energy between two parties. the Source and you, the Source and your pet, animal or plants, invisible entities.

That being said, not any practitioner can do this though. You must find one who is a medium.


Usually, a real one, will practice long deep meditation session on a daily basis. You can simply ask them if they meditate?  How long per meditate session? How often? This will give you some ideas if they are a true healer who do inner work for healing.

How to know who is the real deal?


You will know when you found them. Their presence is strong but their energy is calm, kind, light and soothing. You will feel at ease with them. You will FEEL it. Your guts feeling will tell you !

Energy does not lie. Tune in.

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