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What is a Body Slimming Thai Massage

Body Slimming Thai Massage is a practice which base on Advanced Medical Thai Massage know how, where the practionner must have certain experiences and physiology knowledge on how to manipulate bodily energy path and fluids, its  circulation and flow along main sen lines, so that the body can reactivate a fat release process, targeting to drain extra susbstances which our body not needed through Urine system.

Body Slimming Thai Massage  help eliminating localized fat as well as chemical imbalanced and body imperfections at its root problem, resulting high blood pressure decrease, lower choloresterol, diabetes, loosing weight, better individual performance and figure that is firmer, look  younger as the whole orgainsm get back its balance state at the very core bio-chemical being.

​Who is it For 

Men  and  Women who have difficulty to do excercise due to health issue,
flexibility and mobility.

​who want to stimulate fat release process before starting regular gym,
wishing to loose weight at a fast paste to maintain a firm body.

who have a very hectic schedule and bustle hustle life style but need to maintain
healthy body at a less time consuming and effort.

who do not wish to undergo surgery to get rid of extra body fat through such pain
after the procedure which may not be worth all the trouble and scars.

​who wants a better figure within short time period for party and special events.

What  are  the  Benefits

Reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol level, diabetes which causing heart desease.
Unblocking body energy path, its flows and circulations for healthier living.
Re-balancing bodily bio-chemical compound at its core state of being.

Loose weight with ease.
No body pains after a workout routine as its a pain-free treatment.
No exert effort that you can do this at a time you are free.
Eliminate stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise easily.
Improves skin to become more elastically and  firm.
No wrinkles and saggy skin.
Get younger looking.
Visible result after few session.

Improve self-esteem and confidence.
Enhance better gestures, performance of our very own being and its existence.
Providing more opportunities on life and better living in general.

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