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Yes, that's right. I said 22 not just the usual 7 commonly chakra discussed.

In Tantra, especially, chakras are depicted like flowers with many petals. The more petals a chakra is deemed to have, the higher and lighter its vibration.

Within Tantric iconography, there hides many secrets about the chakras, which can tell us great truths about the spiritual journey. As the article unfolds, we'll analyse not only the modern-day wisdom about each one, but also the noble truth hidden within the petals.

One such recent acquisition to our more modern understanding of the system is the discovery that each chakra seems to correspond to its own endocrine organ, and indeed to “hubs” of neurological energy in the body.

Opening and closing, like clockwise spinning vortices, the chakras seem to vitalise the physical body by “charging” the glands to produce and distribute hormones throughout the body.

What Causes Chakra Imbalance

It’s not entirely clear what disturbs them, but it seems to be emotional distress that can shock them open or cause blocked chakras.

According to Tantra, kundalini rests in the base chakra and snakes its way up, empowering each chakra in turn. This, however, develops over childhood, and each year that passes – really until you are about 50 – the latent energy moves higher through conscious experience. In effect, it takes around seven years for the power of each chakra to be properly assimilated.

On paper, that seems like big jumps, as if a child was moving from class one to class two, but that is not so. It helps to think of a train coming through a tunnel.

The last carriages might still be in the root chakra, while the front ones are heading up to the sacral… The growth is continual but gradual.

Thus, if a trauma were to happen to a child in their first seven years, we are likely to see problems with the root chakra. Potentially it will be too weak and we will see issues with security, but likewise it’s likely to affect how sturdily their creativity radiates from the power of the sacral too.

Think of the chakras as cone shaped. (They are not, but this is a good analogy to imagine how they work through time. Seen as a cone, the tip of the cone is where the chakra permeates the body, but the further away from the body we get, the more open the vortex becomes.

So, even when we perceive the pendulum, the shape of the chakra is small.

The further away from the body it becomes, the density weakens but the energy diffuses wider. Thus, if we could see the chakra at say the seventh body of the aura, it’s space would have become far bigger.

If we could work on the chakras in the seventh body, then potentially the chakra would be fairly large, and so shape distortions would be clearer to see. This would be difficult to do, not least because you would need to have extremely long arms to reach that high.

With that in mind then, consider that if the root chakra has been dysfunctional for a long time, kundalini struggles to climb with much vigour. It’s a bit like a sapling in the forest straining to find the sun. It does grow but it will be weak, potentially very tall, but with little substance. Larger trees not only take its light, but most of its nutrients too. The forester needs to coppice. Cutting other trees down around it make an investment in its future. 

In 2012, Dr. Candace Pert, a former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, and the person who discovered the opioid receptor to which morphine and other opioids bind said :

" Though many of these modalities had a basis in Eastern philosophy and other non-Western traditions, which as a Western-trained scientist I would not ordinarily have known anything about, I had in fact had a limited exposure to Eastern ideas that dated back to the mid-eighties during my NIH lab days. Because of the growing public awareness of my research on endorphins and other neuropeptides, people from all kinds of unexpected backgrounds had sought me out at the time. A bearded yogi dressed in white and wearing a turban showed up at my office one day to ask me if endorphins were concentrated along the spine in a way that corresponded to the Hindu chakras.

The chakras, he explained, were centres of “subtle energy” that governed basic physical and metaphysical functions from sexuality to higher consciousness. I had no idea what he was talking about, but, trying to be helpful, I pulled out a diagram that depicted how there were two chains of nerve bundles located on either side of the spinal cord, each rich with many of the information-carrying peptides. He placed his own chakra map over my drawing and together we saw how the two systems overlapped."

Finally!! A truly important and respected scientist, someone so deeply ensconced in orthodox medicine who played a part in the Nobel Prize winning discovery of endorphins was explaining their existence and function."

Function and Dysfunction of the Chakras

Clearly, to vitalise the body the chakras must work effectively, but commonly they can begin to wane. Oftentimes their energy will become too weak. Sometimes they jam shut causing blocked chakras, which then means no energy can get through or just as likely, they can become overly energetic and seep out way too much energy.

As we look at each chakra in turn, it will become clear what that might look like, but the best example might be someone stricken by grief. Their heart chakra jams open, so each time they go to a family gathering they might be able to muster some degree of enjoyment, but by the next day they are back in the doldrums again. Because the heart chakra doesn’t close – and indeed vitalise the heart and lungs – the next day their heart aches again and they keep sighing and crying because the vault hasn’t had an opportunity to lock in and preserve the joy.

A chakra’s shape can also change from what should look like a fairly circular spiral to an ellipse if there is a distortion in its power. Further, Liz has even seen them move across the body.

As previously stated, they should emanate through the spine, protruding from front to back, “penetrating” the various vertebrae, but they can drift either side, meaning they are no longer in the most efficient place to sustain the organs.


Don’t worry about the dimensions, we’ll get to that in the outer chakras!

This would be the classic first seven chakras that most people work with.

3rd Dimension : Physical plain : Chakras 1 - 7

Chakra 1: Root Chakra

Chakra 2: Sacral Chakra

Chakra 3 : Solar Plexis Chakra

Chakra 4 : Heart Chakra

Chakra 5 : Throat Chakra

Chakra 6 : Third Eye Chakra

Chakra 7 : Crown Chakra


4th Dimension Chakras 8 -15

Chakra 8: Higher Heart

Chakra 9:Atomic Doorway

Chakra 10: Solar Star

Chakra 11: Galactic

Chakra 12: Earth Star

Chakra 13: Earth Core or Universal Mother

Chakra 14: Universal Sun

Chakra 15: Universal Father


5th Dimension Chakras 16 - 22

Chakra 16: Spiritual Ascension

Chakra 17: Universal Light

Chakra 18: Divine Intention

Chakra 19: Great Cosmic Heartbeat

Chakra 20: Co-Ruler with the Divine

Chakra 21: Divine Cellular Structure

Chakra 22: 3rd level of the Celestial Chakra


is an energy-healing practice that is considered safe, no side effects under the notion that the body is more than just a physical entity. Reiki focuses on all aspects of being including mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.


If you want to cleanse negative energy in your system, restoring positive energy, 22 Chakra cleansing is another way you could try.

How Does it Work?

A practitioner will lay their hands over your body to channel Source energy to heal you. During the treatment, they use specific mantras and blessing to clear your negative energy.


Chakra cleannsing is a spiritual practice that anyone can obtain. All it takes is one hour of deep meditation practice and breathing work on a daily basis to strengthen spiritual body.

Practitioner will use their Chi power, to channel and connect you with Universal energy.

Some can create energy filed for protection.


Of course, a Master can channeling and manipulate your energy and bodily system with their mediumship.


Is this part of a religious ?

No, this practice does not a religious though it was developed by yogi and buddhist monk. The practice aim to strengthen spiritual body through meditation and breathing work, that we could practice for healthy mind, body and soul.


You do not need to belong to any specific church or temple or religious to benefit from this healing practice.


Or you could ask the one who practice deep meditation and inner work, to channel energy between you and the Source for inner child healing and/or physical, emotional wounds.


What Happens During the Session?

It depends on your specific condition, but it might seem similar to other sessions you have with alternative healing approach such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopath or a massage.


You will lie on a table for up to one hour. The practitioner, especially a  Master, will channel Universal energy into your body during the session with their Chi power or Kundalini energy they have gained from their daily meditation practice, to clear negative force and blockages along your energy paths.


Some practitioner who practice deep meditation, might have had  their third eye opened, which will help them to see through your body, finding energy blockages. With that ability they can scan your body, like X-ray machine, this will help reduce time consuming for the treatment as they can target directly to the point(s), no messing around assuming what is where.


During the treatment, you might become so relaxed that you might fall asleep. You will feel energy being unblocked, lighter and at ease. Some people even experience a warm, glowing energy throughout the body, where other people simply have an overall feeling of relaxation.

If you are experiencing pain either before or after a surgery, This practice is a natural way to alleviate pain before medication kicks in.


Your pain scale should be gradually less, by the end of the session, depending on your condition, the inflammation may subside for a few days. After some time, it might be healed indefinitely. 


Who can benefit from this 22 Chakra Session?

Anyone can benefit from this healing approach, no matter the health conditions. Even people who are seemingly healthy and happy can have a sense of peace.


The practice is aim to cleanse blockage and negative energy in any living beings' system, not just human. Our pets can also benefit from this practice if you could find a master who can channel and manipulate energy between two parties. the Source and you, the Source and your pet, animal or plants, invisible entities.

That being said, not any practitioner can do this though. You must find the one who is a medium.


Usually, a real one, will practice long deep meditation session on a daily basis. You can simply ask them if they meditate?  How long per meditate session? How often? This will give you some ideas if they are a true healer who do inner work for healing.

How to know who is the real deal?


You will know when you found them. Their presence is strong but their energy is calm, kind, light and soothing. You will feel at ease with them. You will FEEL it. Your guts feeling will tell you !

Your energy does not lie. Tune in.

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